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Zola’s name has a history (Zola for Medical Devices Company))
✓ Zola is an Egyptian company for the production the medical Devices obtained on ISO 13485 and CE Mark European certificate which allows the marketing of our products in Europe
✓ The quality policy at Zola for Medical Devices Company is based on providing high quality products and value on a continuous basis to satisfy the customer’s needs and to confirm his confidence.
✓ The aim Zola Company is to obtain a leading position in the medical field by providing a team work environment through mutual commitment, loyalty and belonging to employees within the company’s family.
✓ Zola Company produces the sterile medical syringes are painless , Single use and different types of sizes
1. Sterile Syringe 3 ml Baby with needle size (25G * 5/8)
2. Sterile Syringe 3 ml Infant with needle size(24G *1 )
3. Sterile Syringe 3 ml adult with needle Size(23G * 1 ¼)
4. Sterile Syringe 5 ml with needle Size 22G * 1 ¼)
5. Sterile Syringe 10 ml with needle Size 21G * 1 ½)
✓ Zola Company also produces the medical Infusion Set
✓ Zola products have the registration of the Ministry of Health Registration number of sterile medical syringes 440/2017/1 Registration number of Infusion Set 500/2018/1

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